Cambridge English Exams Graduation Ceremony

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November 14th, 2017
Cambridge English Exams is a part of the University of Cambridge and prepares English Learners for diplomas that are recognized around the world. These exams help children and adults to obtain an English level to help them enter into English programs, universities and English speaking countries.

Cambridge English Exams Graduation Ceremony

This year Lovin’ English@CSND had the pleasure of training 35 youth for the Cambridge English Exams. Out of the 35 students of these students did 20 hours of training for the Young Learners which consisted of 1 hour each Monday night from November 2016 to May 2017. 7 of these young trainees came from CSND St.Nicholas in Denice and 1 came from Theize. They were an enthusiastic group and were a joy to teach. Most importantly, they all succeeded. The following students prepared for the exam: Justine Dufaud, Victor Jeanmart, Candice Longefay, Victor Poulard, Leo Prats, Eva Raillon, Lise Mialane, Lou Maurin(Theize).

We had the pleasure of celebrating their success with a graduation ceremony held at CSND Lycée Notre Dame on November 14th. The students were given the traditional graduation hat called the “mortarboard” to wear and received their diplomas individually while marching to the traditional Anglophone music called “Pomp and Circumstance”.
At the end of the ceremony the students had the chance to throw their hats into the air! These year there are currently 70 students training for the Cambridge exams with Lovin’English@CSND and another 30 who will start in January 2018.

Mme Lesa STRINGER – Responsable Lovin English